CooCall is the softphone APP dedicated for ZYCOO CooVox series IP phone system. It will bring you whole new office IP phone system user experiences by migrating desktop IP phone calling features to mobility softphone APP. With CooCall, you may bring your office extension anywhere, and make and receive calls whenever you want.








No More Desktop Phones, Enjoy the Ultimate Flexbility of BYOD

CooCall, developed for BYOD, the key of the integration of business phone system with employee’s mobile phones. Desktop based phones are no longer necessities for enterprises. Study shows benefits of BYOD include increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and cost savings for the company. As CooCall allows employees to receive and make call anywhere they want, so BYOD will also increase engagement in the workplace, after hours or any place in the whole world.

Setup Your Mobile Extension in 1 Second

CooCall users may get their extensions registered on CooCall within just 1 second by simply scanning a QR code. No manual configurations required at all.


CooCall Softphone for iPhone

CooCall softphone for iPhone has iOS CallKit support, incoming calls can be handled the same way as iOS phone calls using Apple’s native interface.
Even if iPhone screen is locked, you may still answer incoming calls of Coo Call the same way you answer iOS calls with simply a slide of the call screen without unlocking iPhone.


Push Notification Support

Thanks to push notifications, your extension registered with CooCall softphone (iPhone only) can always “stay online”. No matter where you are, as long as your iPhone has Internet connection (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) you will never miss any important calls.


More Features
  1. One Touch Recording
  2. Recording List & Playback
  3. Voicemail List and Playback
  4. Company Phonebook Sharing
  5. Extension List & Presence
  6. Favorite Contacts
  7. Bluetooth Phone Calls
  8. Call Hold
  9. Call Transfer